Is Feeding Feral Cats Against the Law

Is feeding feral cats against the law

I never would have imagined feeding feral cats could be illegal…did you? Is it possible kind and compassionate souls who spend so much of their time and money to care for suffering creatures, could actually get into trouble! Could they be responsible for what these cats do?

When I noticed cats behind the building next door, I trapped them, had them fixed and cared for them. If my husband and I travel to a place where we’re bound to see feral cats, I walk around with a bag of cat food. Because I realise many locals don’t appreciate people feeding them, I do it quickly and leave.

The idea there could actually be a law against feeding them, or a law holding caretakers responsible for who knows what is disconcerting, to say the least.

I recently connected online with a woman who cares for ferals, and she told me she had been attacked on two separate occasions by people who didn’t approve of what she does. One time her injuries were so severe she ended up in the hospital, and the police did nothing. I heard a similar story from someone else. Seems the fact that one person beat up another should have been enough for the authorities to take action.  

Is feeding feral cats against the law

What’s legal and what’s not

I am not a lawyer nor do I claim to understand “legalese.” However, I did feel that calling attention to the fact it could be an issue in some places was important, hence my short post encouraging you to research the subject in your area.

There are a few links below to get you started. To find out what’s going on where you live type “is it legal to feed feral cats in NAME OF CITY OR COUNTRY” into your search engine.

A local animal control or shelter may also have some legal knowledge.


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Are there laws concerning caring for ferals in your area? Will that impact what you’re able to do to help? Sharing helps others so leave your comments below.


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