Jerusalem – The City of Gold Has Lost Its Shine!

How to help feral cats in Jerusalem for fundraising letter article

One of the first things any visitor to Israel notices is the number of feral cats roaming the country. On the streets of Jerusalem alone there are an estimated 200,000, and the number is growing.

These animals rely on the good graces of anyone who feeds them, but the majority of Israel’s cats suffer and die on the streets from starvation, disease, hyperthermia (heat stroke) and even intentional abuse.

Animal rescuers and fosters in Israel are overwhelmed, desperate, and financially bankrupt, trying to deal with the burden of feeding and caring for the abandoned kittens and sick, neglected, abused cats they come in contact with each and every day.

I’ve lost count of the number of pleas I have gotten from visitors to Jerusalem who have found a sick or dying cat or kitten, and don’t know what to do. The most recent one was 10 minutes ago.

Jerusalem the city of gold has lost its lustre

This is where you and I come in

My name is Hindy Pearson and my goal is to end this nightmare once and for all. I will make that happen with your kind and generous help, by raising money for the Jerusalem Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (JSPCA).

The more money we raise the more cats we can fix, the more suffering we can prevent.

Your donation will cover the cost of –

  • Spay/neuter surgeries, including all drugs needed
  • Purchasing of traps for catching cats
  • Trappers 
  • Due to a shortage of vets in Jerusalem to perform these surgeries, we will be recruiting volunteer veterinarians from outside the country. They will be responsible for their own flights, but we will offer them accommodation in a B&B, a light lunch, airport transfers and transportation between the clinic and B&B
  • Overhead and other associated expenses  

Jerusalem is a notable tourist site, so the eyes of the world are upon it. It is unseemly for this holy city to be a place where easily preventable animal suffering is allowed to occur.

With your help, we can make Jerusalem a place where we can honestly say that pointless animal suffering has been eliminated, or at least greatly reduced. This city will be praised for its concern for animals, and can serve as a symbol of pride for those who love both animals and Israel.

spaying and neutering the feral cats of Jerusalem

Please contribute what you can to my GoFundMe campaign, and I guarantee every penny will go towards this life saving initiative. All currencies are accepted. 

So many vets have already expressed an interest in helping, we just need the funds to make this project happen.

Be sure to check my FB page Animal Rescue Israel, for project updates. If you would like more information about me, or other ways you can help please email

Thank you for your kindness and compassion

Hindy Pearson

Note: I cannot offer tax receipts, as I am an individual just trying to make a difference.





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