How to help feral cats

Wherever you live in the world, you can help us trap, fix and care for more feral cats than ever before.

With the number of opportunities, you’re bound to find something!!

Hands on with cats

  • Help locals trap or feed cats in their care. Although our work is in Jerusalem at the moment, let us know where you’ll be and we may have contacts there
  • Help set up traps
  • Transport trapped cats to the vet
  • Transport those cats to volunteers’ homes to recover
  • Transport cats from volunteers’ homes to location where they were trapped and release them
  • Allow cats to recover from surgery for a few days in a room in your home
  • Foster or adopt a kitten


Do you enjoy researching?

  • Make a list of local media – all languages
  • Create a list of pet food companies (in Israel and those outside who sell in the country)
  • List of printers and other local businesses (we will use that list to contact area businesses to see if they would be interested in getting involved)
  • List of companies who advertise as having a compassionate approach whether in Israel or not. See if they sell their products in Israel so we see they have some connection.
  • List of places we can physically hang flyers (libraries, community centres, supermarkets, public bulletin boards…)
  • List of places we can “virtually” hang flyers (FB groups local to each area in Jerusalem and city in Israel)
  • Other rescues in Israel who are involved in TNR


Translate from English to Hebrew

  • We would love help translating articles and social media posts from English into Hebrew. Whether it’s just one or many, we’re grateful for whatever you can do

Reach out and make contact

  • Contact local media asking them to help spread the word about TNR or interview an organisation member
  • Contact pet food companies asking for donations
  • Contact the compassionate companies to see if they would donate money and/or support in some way
  • Approach Universities to discuss TNR (trap-neuter-return) on campus
  • Other rescues in Israel who are involved in TNR (can we cross promote each others’ work, help, publicise…)


Do you love to write?

  • Write press releases (English/Hebrew/Arabic speakers) about the work we do, and type of help we’re looking for
  • Create social media posts that will inspire/motivate
  • Create flyers/postcards with our name, mission statement and contact details
  • Fundraising letters


Are you a social media lover?

  • Set up our Twitter and Instagram accounts
  • Manage/post to our Twitter and Instagram accounts
  • Regularly share our website, posts, FB, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram accounts far and wide
  • Encourage everyone you know to share our stuff as well


For the “well connected” and those who love a challenge!!

  • Finding high profile celebs who want to be a spokesperson for our organisation. It doesn’t matter if they live in Israel at the moment or not.
  • Help us fundraise


Hit the pavement!

Pay a visit to one of the many vets and companies we have contacted in order to drop off the flyers they agreed to hang, or to give them more information, in person, about the help we would appreciate from them.


Are you tech savvy? Have design skills?

  • Logo/website/flyer designers
  • Create the layout for flyers/postcards with our name, mission statement and contact details



Events/information evenings and any activity that can raise our profile both in Israel and abroad to animal lovers everywhere


Do you enjoy taking pictures?

If you’re a professional photographer that would be awesome, if you aren’t but love to take a great picture that’s awesome too!! It’s so important we get great shots of these cats in order to attract volunteers/donations… and to highlight what’s going on. The best part? You can be a tourist passing through, just email the pictures to hindy@animalrescueisrael.org


Fund raise for us

Hold a fundraiser for us wherever you live. A list of ideas is located in the volunteer section on the homepage


Donate to us!!

I’ve created a GoFundMe campaign, making it super easy for anyone that wants to donate. Click HERE.



If you have ideas of how you’d like to help, or need questions answered, send us an email at hindy@animalrescueisrael.org, or reach out through the contact page above.

We are grateful for any help you can offer.