Every new visitor to my website gives me hope. Do you know why? Because it means that not only are you a cat lover, you are a kind and compassionate soul who is ready to help end the suffering of feral cats.

Let me explain what you will find here. 


A comprehensive resource

Everything you need to know to help feral cats/community cats in your neighbourhood…no matter where in the world you live.


Information for visitors to Israel

How to help the cats you do see

Cat Advocacy Tourism – a project I’m working on for visitors who would like to spend an hour or two or even a day or two helping rescuers feed and trap cats.

All I need to know is what city you would like to help in, how much time you have and I will see if we have anyone requiring assistance in that area. 

All expenses are the responsibility of the visitor, and a waiver must be signed to protect all parties. 


Help make the spay/neuter initiative in Jerusalem a reality

Anyone who has visited Israel will have seen the cats and kittens roaming the streets. Some may have looked in pretty good condition, while others were skinny, sickly, with terrible coats. Coming across weak kittens with horribly infected eyes is not an uncommon sight. 

Many visitors return home not only sad from what they witnessed on vacation but frustrated, wishing there was something they could do to help. 

This section will highlight all the volunteer opportunities we have – some specific to Jerusalem residents (or other parts of the country), others are available worldwide.